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Dionysos Shrine

This is mine and Glaux's Dionysos shrine at home.


Guidance (a poem)


You, beautiful hunter, averter of evil!
You, wielder of the golden sword and arrows!
You, helper in contests and travels and arts!
Mighty Apollon,
I sing of your radiance –
The light that guides mankind to prophecy, music,
Mystery and knowledge.
For ages have you shown the way, Delphinius.
For ages more will we follow.

~ Laurelei Black, 2010 Delphinia


The Lorelei (a poem)

The Lorelei~

I am the Flood that drowned Man --
the Sea that swallows and soothes.
From my cup, honey is
poured onto the stone --
and wine
and brine --
and all the Ocean is come unto you,
my Love, my Lover.
I am the raging storm,
the tempest
that rocks the bark
and whips the sails and seamen
to frenzy
before lulling all into watery dreams
of me.
Come, dive into these depths,
be dashed upon the rocks,
and be lost in the waters
of bliss.


MA and PhD

Two nights ago, my parents announced to me that they are going to pay for me to get my MA and PhD. I just don't think I could be more excited.

I'm applying to Indiana University's Religious Studies program. My focus will be on Ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern Religions.

Applications aren't due until Dec. 15, 2010, which means I have all of the next school year to prepare. I'm starting by taking Elementary Classical Greek I & II in the fall and spring. These "elementary" level courses won't apply toward my degree, but I'll need them in order to complete my coursework.

I've been singing my thanks to Apollon and the Mousai since my parents told me!

Children and Nymphai

My kids are now 10 (HA -- daughter) and *almost* 7 (EC -- son). They live with their father most of the time, but I'm lucky that they come to visit me, nataliewitch, Joe, and my parents at least every other week, all of their school holidays, and half of their summer break. Since we just moved into my parents woodland home, though, this is the first spring when they have spent so much time on the land.

And they were bored ...

So, we went outside and sat down near the pond, which is very marshy on one end. And we looked at ALLLLLL the trees in the yard. And we talked about the nymphs, and we talked about satyrs. We talked about offerings and communicating with the many spirits who live in these places. We talked about how to know they're there and about being nice to people because you never know who is a God or Goddess just pretending to be human so they can talk to us.

HA started making flower crowns and walnut vases to leave as gifts. EC ran inside to deliver a caramel Cadbury egg to young orchard, because he figured those Dryads were little like him. They figure there are two nymphs in the pond -- one for the clear water and one for the boggy marsh. They took cookies to both. EC took his DS to the young trees so the little nymphs there could see how it worked, and then he played tag with them. The nymphs were "it." =) He got tired pretty quickly being chased all over the place, but I bet everyone had a grand time.

They've both reported "seeing something," and I don't doubt them. It's like I told them, "When you're in the woods, you're never alone."

Rock Band

When I was 11, I was pretty sure I was going to be famous. My dad was in a rock band, see. Mom played the piano beautifully -- never in front of anyone, but still. And when your parents are musicians, and you can sing pretty well, and you completely idolize Madonna and sing into your pink Candies curling iron as if it were a microphone every single day for hours and hours after school ... Well, it's just a matter of time before a talent scout recognizes all that glory while you're hanging out at the mall with your junior high friends.

Okay. No.

I did manage to sing at church some, but we were discouraged from being "too good" (because that was showing off, which God doesn't like, ya know).

Never started my own band, though. I always thought I would, and I never did.

We have Rock Band 2 and Karaoke Revolution on our X-Box, now. Woo-hoo! For the first time in years, I have remembered that I really can sing. I have a pretty good voice, and I am starting to miss all the opportunities to sing that I let pass by.

It used to give me such joy. It's bringing me joy again.

Confession: When I was directing school plays in LA, I used to belt out show tunes on the stage when I was alone, setting up.


Fighting on teh Interwebs

I feel like I've been doing a fair amount of Internet Warfare lately. That's actually quite a dramatic statement. I've been really vocal (in opposition to the board owner and most of the other vocal members) on the abortion thread on the Hellenismos US forum. I don't suppose that one round of heated debate really counts as warfare.

I'm actually not sure why I'm bothering to post on this thread at all, except that I don't want to leave one lone man out there to fight the good fight on his own. =)

Many of the more liberal board members are just silent. They have the good sense, I think, not to enter the fray. But not me. No sir. The sad truth is that I KNOW I'm spitting into the wind, and I am having a hard time stopping myself.


I can't say I'm shocked. I AM in that cool FFM poly triad now. Yea, me!

Scarlet Woman (a poem)

I wear the red with pride
for I am no plain matron.

When I take you into my
you will know that I am
Aphrodite’s daughter,
Ishtar’s pupil,
a woman of the light.

Let me lay you down
among the crimson and golden cushions
below the grape-colored canopy of
my bower.

Lie among the rose petals as
I enter your heart
and hold you in the eternal embrace
of the beloved.

You will never leave me.
Our shared touch will
remain on your skin.
You will share me
with your lovers,
and I will visit your dreams.

I am your Muse,
your Sappho,
your Helen,
your Hero.

Love me
and find bliss.